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Ilapothecary Digital Face Mist

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Awaken your skin and invigorate your mind with the revitalizing Amethyst Facial Mist. This natural elixir, enriched with vitamins and the rejuvenating Buddleja plant, serves as a refreshing wake-up call for your senses. Bursting with antioxidants and free radical-scavengers, it aids in cellular detoxification, safeguarding against inflammation and the premature signs of aging.

Harnessing the power of active soya bean extract, it also provides protection against the detrimental effects of digital devices such as phones and computers.

Indulge in the soothing and regenerative properties of Amethyst, known to calm inflamed skin and promote revitalization. Its energy is believed to relax the nerves and restore balance to your aura.

Experience the anti-inflammatory benefits of Vitamin B12, which harmonizes, soothes, and regulates the skin, leaving it in a state of tranquility and balance.

Let Amethyst Facial Mist be your rejuvenating companion, providing a refreshing boost to both your skin and spirit.

Rose Damascena Flower Water, Vitamin B12, Aqua, Glycerin, Glycine Soya Extract, Amethyst Powder, Mel, Propanediol and Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract.

When in front of screen for many hours, take some deep breaths and roll your shoulders. Use the Digital Face Mist to spritz yourself with 2-3 sprays from a comfortable distance. Can be used daily whenever you feel the need and is especially ideal for when flying.

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Ilapothecary Digital Face Mist
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