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A House Like This (AHLT) DREAMER Essential Oil

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Meet The DREAMER—a character who finds solace in the quiet moments, where the moon's gentle glow washes away the worries of the day, making way for the sun's rejuvenating embrace after restorative slumber.
This blend is your ticket to tranquil nights and the most restful of slumbers. The DREAMER combines the purifying essence of Spearmint with a heavenly blend of sleep-inducing botanicals, including Lavender, Spearmint, Black Pepper, and Jasmine flower. With the help of 9 plant-powered extracts, this blend promotes calmness and soothes anxious thoughts, setting the stage for your best night's sleep.
Let The DREAMER's gentle embrace quiet your mind and soothe your body and soul.

Diffuse: Add a few drops to pure water in an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, creating an atmosphere of serenity in your space.
Warm: Elevate your surroundings by adding a few drops to pure water in a tea light-powered oil burner.

Skincare: Enhance your self-care routine by adding a few drops to a warm bath, your shower tray, or mixing with a carrier oil for a soothing massage.*
Discover the serenity of The DREAMER Essential Oil Blend and awaken refreshed, ready to embrace the wonders of a new day.

*Note: Whilst our Essential oil blends are natural, these are not suitable for use undiluted on skin and could cause a reaction. Some oils can cause staining so avoid contact with synthetic or polished surfaces etc. Please take care when using around pets and children and if you spot any concerning behavior changes please consult your Vet or GP accordingly.

100% natural essential oils

Fragrance notes: lavender, spearmint & geranium

Layer with: fygge, garland, tonic  Packaging: scent preserving recyclable glass

Size: 10ml

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A House Like This (AHLT) DREAMER Essential Oil
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